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— Kris Robb —
San Joaquin County's Best
Real Estate Photographer

As owner and principal photographer of K-Robb Designs, my intention is to become your go-to photography professional for all of your real estate listings.

My background includes attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco where I had plans to become a movie director. While there, I took a class on “story-telling through photography” and I was instantly hooked!

Passion and purpose lead me to hone my skills to become a top-tier photographer specializing in real estate. I am proud to say that I have had the privilege of supporting some of best real estate professionals in the industry and shooting over 3000 property listings.

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Professional Real Estate Photography by Kris Robb

From Hobby to Professional Real Estate Photographer

So, this happened . . .

It all started when I began portrait photography for some of my clients. It was just a hobby. Then in the Summer of 2014, I arrived at a new challenge. My mother, a realtor, called and asked if I’d like to take pictures of a home she was selling.

I was excited about the challenge, so I packed up my portrait lens and off we went, only to find out that the listing was a $2.1M custom home!

Daunting to say the least. I mean I didn’t even own a tripod! Nevertheless, I was going to showcase and exhibit this beautiful home the way that it deserved. The result? The property sold to an out-of-state buyer solely on my photography alone.

My confidence was boosted, and I literally became obsessed with learning everything I could about real estate photography. A new passion was ignited, and I realized that this is exactly the kind of creative photography that I wanted to be known for.

I learned quickly about the best angles and the right lighting that would be perfect for each new project that came my way. Every property is unique and each one deserves to have its individual character shown. 

It was time to turn my passion into a business . . .

K-Robb Designs is born

K-Robb Designs officially opened in 2015. Our purpose is to provide transformational real estate photography services for real estate professionals so that they receive top dollar for their listings.

Real estate agents hire us because we help them make more money on their listings. This is because of our extensive experience in real estate photography, service delivery, fast turn around and our commitment to excellence in everything we do. That is what sets us apart.

My goal as a professional real estate photographer is to showcase each home as if it is a million-dollar listing, regardless of size or price. I want to assist the seller and realtor in getting potential buyers in the door.

Without the right kind of photos in an online listing, many buyers scroll past without realizing the real potential a home has. My job is to help bring your property listing to life and by doing so, bring the perfect buyer to their new home.

I give 100% on every project, and I am very excited to work with you. My job is to assist you with growing your business and your clientele, so you get more referrals.