Let's Get Personal

Your Favorite Real Estate

Hi, I’m Kris Robb of K-Robb Designs and I aspire to be your favorite real estate photographer.
I went to the Academy of Arts in San Francisco with plans to become a movie director.  While there, I took a class on “story-telling through photography” and I was instantly hooked! Unfortunately, I soon found myself on an involuntary break from school, but I never once put down the camera I’d fallen in love with.
In my spare time I began taking clients for portrait photography, and then in the summer of 2014 I arrived at a new challenge. My mother, a realtor, called and asked if I’d like to take pictures of a home she was selling. This didn’t seem that difficult, but then I discovered it was a custom $2.1 million dollar home! I walked in carrying only my portrait lens – I didn’t even own a tripod. It seemed a daunting task, but I was willing to try my hardest to exhibit such a beautiful home in the way it deserved. Shortly thereafter, the property sold to an out of state buyer – on my photography alone. My confidence boosted by the experience and my interest piqued, I became obsessed with learning the ins and outs of real estate photography. Just like how I helped my portrait clients shine, I had to learn how to find the best angles and the right lighting for these homes. Each one has so much character and that deserves to be seen in the listing. My new tripod certainly helped in this endeavor! In 2015, I officially opened K-Robb Designs.
The primary reason that lots of pupils identified in a survey as being a strong need for hiring a college essay author were time direction this.  There’s never enough spare time in a student’s lifetime.  To name a few of these points on their to-do record, from a young age, there are college activities, extracurricular programs, part-time jobs, parties, sports, television shows, and several other interacting activities.
My goal as a professional real estate photographer is to showcase each home as if it is a million dollar listing, regardless of size or price. I want to assist the seller and realtor in getting potential buyers in the door. Without good photos in an online listing, many buyers click past it without realizing the very real potential a home may have. My job is to help bring the house to life and by doing so, bring the perfect buyer to their new home.
I give 100% on every project, and I am very excited to grow both my business and yours!